We’ve been specializing in Visual Communications for over 10 years,
covering everything from campaigns, interiors, to profiles, fashion and food photography.

Able to do remote shoots on location, we are always ready to travel, setup backdrops, studio lighting and other gear and be able to work in the middle of nowhere, all battery powered. Over the years we’ve found that some of our clients very much prefer this type of production. It allows them to be close to their offices, still have meetings, still carry on with their work while over seeing the photoshoot as another project for the day, rather than having to assign a full day away from the office to be on set. So we bring the set to them.

Our new offer is called Remote Shooting. This is something I’ve developed working with existing clients. The concept is simple. Our clients have products that need to be captured. They might not to have the time to be away from their offices or work, to schedule a shoot. So we get the products delivered from them, to our studios after we’ve discussed the shoot, the reference images, brief etc. We then capture the images of the products and digitally send image samples to the client as the shoot progresses. Any minor changes can be directed by the client from the comfort of their offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg or any other city. After the client has approved the final images, the products are shipped back to their offices and we plan the next shoot.